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At First American Asset Advisory, LLC (FAAA), our approach is to provide personal, no-nonsense advice that ensures the continued growth of your investments. Our team has over 100 years of combined investment experience with creating customized wealth management services. We are affiliated with Morgan Wilshire Securities Inc., a broker/dealer established in 1998.

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Michael Finnan | Wealth Management Services | FAAA

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Michael Finnan

President and CCO

Michael grew up and attended high school close to Wall Street. Drawn to the allure of the financial markets from an early age, he was anxious to begin his Wall Street career soon after completing his studies at West Virginia University.

In 1992, he became an adviser trainee at a newly formed firm based in Syosset, NY. This introduction to the industry turned out to be very helpful; while the firm’s filing was pending approval, its founding partners spent significant time teaching Michael on a one-on-one basis the fundamentals of basic money management.

Michael progressed very quickly and completed his certification and state licensing the following year. He soon moved on to a more established firm, Lew Lieberbaum & Co., offering a greater array of products. While here, he cultivated his clientele for many years. With his proven track record and strong grasp of the financial markets, Michael was soon offered a top position in the retail division of a startup firm, E. C. Capital, Ltd. With Michael as its Manager and Director of Retail, the firm became profitable immediately and remained that way throughout Michael’s tenure. Michael attributes E. C. Capital’s success to his loyal staff and clientele, many of whom are still working with Michael to this day.

Having helped two firms achieve significant success and profitability, Michael decided it was time to branch out on his own. He began by setting up a franchise office for a long established firm. This allowed him to progress gradually without sacrificing his close working relationships with trusted clients. He inked a deal with the firm Walsh Manning & Co. that allowed him to operate an office and to apply for his own firm once the transition was complete. The agreement was a typical one, as it meant that the firm would eventually be losing a profitable office, but it was negotiated openly and transparently by both parties.

Once the franchise infrastructure was in place and most of the hard work completed, Michael and his team quickly went to work establishing Morgan Wilshire Securities, Inc. The process was fairly seamless, and the firm even retained its clearinghouse so as to prevent inconveniences to its clients. Without much fanfare, Morgan Wilshire Securities, Inc. opened for business in August of 1998 and has been serving its trusted clientele ever since.

Although much has been accomplished, Michael is committed to continually improving the business, its services and expertise. Morgan Wilshire Securities, Inc. foregoes the traditional advice and in-house products that so many Wall Street firms are intent on pushing. Michael and his long-time partner, Mr. Paul Metz, hold to the belief that only those products that they themselves would invest in should be offered to their clients.

Michael possesses numerous financial and state licenses and he takes regular industry-sponsored continuing education exams to keep them current. His participation in inter-industry groups helps him stay up to date with the world of finance and the financial community at large. In addition, Michael files and actively comments on SEC and FINRA rule proposals.

Outside of work, Michael is an active philanthropist, with a commitment to several noteworthy causes. His hobbies include tennis, vintage car racing, skeet shooting and attempting to improve his golf game. Michael reads voraciously, collects antique motorcycles and automobiles, and possesses modest art and wine collections.

Michael is based in Morgan Wilshire’s Garden City location and is available anytime to help and advise his clients.

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Paul Metz | Wealth Management Services | FAAA

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Paul Metz

Partner, Shareholder, and CEO

To kickstart his career, Paul took a summer intern position at a local firm, Lew Lieberbaum & Co. He would return in 1994 as a full-time investment professional after receiving a Business degree from Adelphi University.

After two years with LL & Co. Paul decided to try his hand at a start-up firm in New York City where he was able to learn from some very talented investment advisers. The tutoring worked, and Paul quickly became one of the top financial representatives at Maidestone Financial Services, Inc. He stayed there for some time cultivating a clientele until he was recruited by a local competitor, Walsh Manning Securities, Inc.

While Paul was working at Walsh Manning’s headquarters on Wall Street, Mr. Michael Finnan – the current President of Morgan Wilshire – was running his own Walsh Manning franchise on Long Island. The two had worked together previously at Lew Lieberbaum and shared a vision of how to best run an investment firm. Mr. Finnan started Morgan Wilshire in 1998 and that same year Mr. Metz signed on with the clear vision of helping the firm progress and compete as a well- heeled player in the financial community.

It was not long before Mr. Metz became Morgan Wilshire’s top producer, surpassing over 50 registered representatives (even those with far more experience) in a relatively short period of time. Mr. Metz helped the firm build its international desk and to this day he continues to build his clientele and to help investors achieve their most desired financial goals.

Today, Mr. Metz is a partner, shareholder and the acting Chief Executive Officer at Morgan Wilshire Securities, Inc. He oversees multiple areas of the firm’s trading desk and is recognized by the firm as a consummate professional. He possesses numerous financial licenses, including the Series 6, 7, 55, 63 & 65. Paul’s hobbies include golf, hockey, tennis, hunting and last but not least, spending as much time as possible with his family.

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Aalon Rose | Wealth Management Services | FAAA

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Aalon Rose

Investment Representative

From the beginning, Aalon was very serious about building his business. Recognizing this, Morgan Wilshire’s management helped guide and advise him whenever possible. It wasn’t long before Aalon had built one of the most sizable portfolios at the firm.

To the surprise of senior management, Aalon left the firm for several years to explore different opportunities. We were sad to see him go, but elated when he decided to return to the firm. Morgan Wilshire’s management goes to great lengths to support team members, and we would like to think it was this practice that motivated Aalon to return.

Aalon has excellent relationships with his clients and works tirelessly on their behalf. Providing more than simple financial advice, Aaron is a trusted advisor and, in some cases, practically a member of this clients’ extended families.

Aalon maintains both Series 7 & 63 licenses. This gives him the ability to recommend a wide range of investment products and to deal with almost every type of client. Most of Aalon’s portfolio consists of high net-worth investors and corporations, although he does quite a bit of retirement planning for his clients as well. He has never even had a single customer complaint filed against him – not surprising for someone known for treating clients like family.
Aalon is active in numerous charities. His charitable efforts center on AIDS research, obsessive-compulsive Disorder (OCD), the ASPCA and more.

Aalon lives in NYC with his wife and two adorable little boys. He spends as much time as possible with his family and especially enjoys relaxing in the park with them and the family dog, Chewy. Aalon is looking forward to cheering on the Yankees once baseball season starts.

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Jeffrey Lew

Jeffrey Lew

Investment Advisor

Jeff received a Business degree in Finance and Economics from Hofstra University. After graduation from Hofstra, Jeff decided to work for Merrill Lynch with their Institutional Client Group on the trading floor of the NYMEX/CME group. He was able to learn from some of the most talented traders and brokers in the marketplace.

After 2 years with Merrill Lynch, Jeff decided to advance his career with Dean Witter/Morgan Stanley. He stayed there for some time cultivating a clientele primarily made up of Large Institutions and Hedge Funds until he was recruited by ABN Amro Bank.

While Jeff was working at ABN Amro, he ran the Energy Derivatives and Structured Options portfolio for the banks institutional clients. Jeff had met his partner at the firm. The two had previously worked side by side while on the trading floor at Merrill Lynch.

It was not long before Mr. Lew became ABN Amro’s top producer on the Institutional side in a relatively short period of time.

Mr. Lew and his partner eventually left ABN Amro to form Energex Worldwide, LLC. In a very short time, Energex became the largest Institutional Brokers and Traders in the marketplace.

Today, Mr. Lew has transitioned from the Institutional side of the business over to the Individual/Retail side. He focuses on building his clientele as a Financial Advisor at First American Asset Advisory, LLC, and helping investors achieve their most desired goals.

Jeff possess a Series 3 & 65. Jeff’s hobbies include golf, hockey and tennis, and last but not least, spending quality time with his wife and 2 children.

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